Inhale Vitamins

Inhale Vitamins looked at the synthetic e-liquid industry and saw the potential for a healthier option to nicotine. Instead of chemicals, they chose calming herbs, giving the user a sense of relaxation, feeling fully grounded in the present with the benefit of mental clarity and physical rejuvenation. Inhale Vitamins required some help to refine their visual identity and packaging designs. From there we were tasked with building their e-commerce website and set up their social platforms with a few months’ worth of content.

We opted for a fresh, bold look, something that would relate to their youthful, health-conscious audience. Crispy and colourful fruit designs and a lifestyle photoshoot did just the thing!

Logo Refinements, Branding, Copywriting, Product & Packaging Design, Shopify Website Redesign, Content Creation, Creative Direction

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