September 16, 2020

Put those ballet pointes on and get pivoting, buddy!

I pull up my oversized sweats, stomp over to the window and shout into the eerily quiet night, “No one puts baby in the fucking corner!”  I’ve had enough of this COVID-19 nonsense!  I’ve had enough of this new normal!  Shut the door, Francine!  Let’s move on!  After a “cricket silent pause” and what sounds oddly like my pervy neighbour, “Then don’t be a fucking baby, baby!”

Sadly, COVID-19 crept in from places unknown and even the good china is trembling. (pun intended!). We have been swept into a world gone mad (and we don’t mean mad-cow-mad) – well, not quite … mmm, is it a bat? Is it a cow?  Who knows!  What we do know is that we are now living in a surreal “typical-end-of-world-movie” madness, and no, this didn’t just happen in America!

Humans are creatures of habit and we most certainly are creating new habits as we move “not-stealth like” through this pandemic.  On point, I step back from the window, kick over a bottle of red (when did I open that?) trip over a pizza box (didn’t we do pizza two nights ago?!) and skulk back to my now cold bed.

Yes, it’s a strange dystopian world we are living in, but are we just going to lay and play dead, or are we going to get our shit together, wipe the pizza crumbs from our mouths and do something about it?

Okay, enough ranting, baby!

Not quite! I just got started!

Many a business has downed tools. Mostly because they were told they couldn’t trade, but mostly because they hadn’t planned for this rainy day.  How the hell do you plan for a virus? Dead on mate! You can’t plan for a deadly virus that has forced the world to don masks, close our business doors and make us sit up at night wondering what the bloody hell next!

As consumers, which we all are in some form or another, the way we are looking at brands is changing too.  We are contemplating what is essential even before we consider the brand behind the product.  We turn over our proverbial pennies when looking at the once-famous brands of our decade and ask ourselves, “Do I really need it?”

And, herein lies the golden nugget which all brands should be focusing on.

How can your brand pivot and stand out tall in the crowd?

It may not come to you straight away. It may only hit you between the eyes at 3 in the morning.  Or, it may settle on you like a warm gentle breeze when you find yourself at rock bottom. (like it did me, whilst I was curled up in the shower … no, I’m only joking … sort of).

Tada Creatives was born from an “aha” moment when there was a time of uncertainty and “what now?” was the repetitive question knocking at my head.  And, now, many brands find themselves in that same very uncertain situation.

Agile marketing is the answer

I’ve become a bit of a podcast ho recently, consuming everything related to marketing, brands, trends, what’s working, what isn’t and everything between the cracks. It’s quite clear that the only way for businesses to stay top of mind is to … well, stay top of mind.

A mix of value-add content and feel-good vibes, tactical and smart marketing, with a very necessary tantalising pinch of humour, is mostly what will keep the consumers from yawning and swiping right. And for God’s sake, enough with the corona comms. “Stay home, stay safe” “New Normal” Blaa blaa blaa! Rather, focus on how you’re able to best add value to your consumer’s life right now. And communicate that to your audience so that they feel a real and relevant connection to your brand.

Loreal hair brand did great with their cheeky adverts pushing their Touch-up Spray for grey roots.  Eva Longoria did a great job of convincing us that she goes to gym with her roots screaming her age (not!).  But, it was timely given that many women couldn’t go to the hairdressers for a veerrrryyy long time!

Interestingly, Coca Cola went quiet, which either proves they are so confident in their brand, or they have just too much dough to worry at all.

So, is it the survival of the fittest or the most frugal …?

At Tada Creatives, we tend to think the former is most true … however, the latter too.  It is a time to look at where you spend your money, especially when it comes to marketing, but not to pull the purse strings completely tight.

A marketing plan where you narrow in on products or offerings that can make you the most revenue in the current times.  This may mean you need to put them through a bit of plastic surgery to help them come through the other side, albeit possibly a prettier version of themselves.  It may mean you need to dump that long-term relationship you have with your strategy and current business model. It may mean you need to focus on the short-term goals (horrors! But, honestly, how can you plan so far ahead now?).

Yes, we’re living in a mad time but if finances are of concern, listen to uncle Bill’s advice, “Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react and reinvent.”

How are you being agile?  If you’re not sure how Tada would love to help you.  We have some mad (big bang theory mad) ideas!So, put that slice of leftover homemade sourdough bread down and get in touch for a coffee date.  Let’s see what we can do about pimping your brand.

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