VIIT Science

VIIT Science makes taking nourishing supplements easier, simpler and more efficient with their rapid absorption spray delivery. Forget dry capsules lodged in your throat or elaborate and time-wasting powder-based routines, their liposomal vitamin sprays allow you to take control of your nutritional intake with a single fortifying spray.

Vitamins Intelligently Ingested Technology. Out with traditional, in with innovation.

To convey the innovative vitamin technology, yet keep it fresh and youthful for their target audience, we created an evaporating V logo mark to symbolise the bioavailability of the products. We extended this young brand image to the packaging designs, aiming to find the perfect balance between high-end-scientific and youthfully-fresh. Naturally, this translated through to social media content and communications, and the e-commerce website.

Logo Design, Branding, Copywriting, Product & Packaging Design, Social Media Management, e-commerce Website, Creative Direction

Tada Creatives - Logo
Tada Creatives - Branded tissue paper
Tada Creatives - Instagram mockup

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